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Advanced ceramics are widely used in industrial and high-tech fields including mechanical metallurgy, petrochemical industry, energy and environmental protection, power electronics, aerospace, defense and military industry due to their excellent mechanics, heat, electricity, optics, biology and many other excellent characteristics. The market has worthed trillions yuan.

Especially in the past two years, with the accelerated development of China’s 5G base stations, 5G communications, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, biomedicine, rail transit, semiconductor chips and packaging, robotics and artificial intelligence, and the industrial Internet, the development of electronic functional ceramics, high-tech performance structure ceramics, bioceramics, nano-ceramic powders, and ceramic 3D printing are in huge demand. China has become the world's largest advanced ceramics market. In 2021, the advanced ceramic industry will usher in a new period of explosive growth, which will also bring new opportunities for the development and industrialization of new materials, new products, and new technologies.

The 2021 Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development, co-organized by the Ceramic Branch of Chinese Ceramic Society, China Advanced Ceramics Alliance and Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd, will be held in Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu on 22 May. The forum invites academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professors and experts from Tsinghua University, Hunan University, Northeastern University, Peking University, Donghua University, Jiangnan University, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai University of Applied Sciences and other universities, as well as professional technology executives from leading Chinese companies in advanced ceramics such as Chaozhou Three-circle, Fenghua Hi-Tech, Sinocera, Sunlord Electronics to attend the meeting and give speeches, exchanging and sharing new technologies, new processes, new products, new markets, new trends in the field with hundreds of guests.


the Ceramic Branch of Chinese Ceramic Society

China Advanced Ceramics Alliance

Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd


Registration date: 21 May, 2021

Location: Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu

Date of the forum: 22 May, 2021

Location: Conference Hall, Floor 2, Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu

(399 Jinzun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China)

Forum special guests

Opening ceremony host guests

Wu Daxuan, Secretary-General

Ceramics Branch of Chinese Ceramic Society

Opening ceremony guest speakers

Zhou Jianer Chairman

China Advanced Ceramics Alliance/ SINOMA

Zhu Xiaofeng General Manager

Co Ltd Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd

Forum report host guest

Huang Zhengren Director/Researcher

Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wu Jianfeng Professor/Dean

Wuhan University of Technology

Xiao Hanning Chairman/Director

Engineering Ceramics Professional Committee/Ceramics Institute of Hunan University

Zhang Weiru President/Professor-level senior engineer

Sinoma High-tech/Shandong Institute of Ceramics

Exchange and interaction (technology, project, capital connection) host guests

Professor Xie Zhipeng

Tsinghua University

Five themes

01 Electronic Ceramics

02 Structural ceramics

03 Bioceramics

04 Ceramic powder

05 3D printing

Forum Special Report/ Keynote Speech


Technical Development and Trend of Electronic Ceramics

Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University


Development and Application of MLCC Electronic Ceramics

Technology Executive of Fenghua Hi-tech


Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) Technology and Industrial Development

Sunlord Electronics Technology Executive


Hydrothermal preparation and industrial application of nano-ceramic powder

Technology Executive, Shandong Sinocera


Clinical application and development status of dental bioceramics

Professor, Peking University School of Stomatology


Development and Industrial Application Status of Zirconia Ceramic Materials

Technical Executive, Chaozhou Three-circle Group


Structural and functional characteristics and engineering application of alumina ceramics

Professor, Hunan University


Analysis and evaluation of ceramic powder sintering activity at home and abroad

Professor, Donghua University


Low-cost preparation technology of high-performance silicon carbide boron and carbide ceramics

Professor of Northeastern University


Development and application trend of manufacturing technology of silicon nitride and zirconia ceramic bearings

Beijing Zhongxing Shiqiang


Thinking and practice of large-size and high-precision ceramic 3D printing technology

Key Laboratory of Space Manufacturing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Analysis of Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Materials and Application Status

Tsinghua Tongfang


New progress in the preparation and application of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics

Qingfeng Technology


Role and analysis of numerical simulation and refractory materials in the thermal field of high-temperature furnace

Shanghai Jvjing


Preparation and industrial application of silicon carbide nano-powder

Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology


Preparation technology and progress of dental zirconia bioceramics

Professor, Shanghai University of Applied Sciences


Fused deposition and gel direct writing 3D printing preparing structural ceramics

Professor, Changsha University of Science and Technology


Ceramic Stereo Lithography 3D Printing Progress

Professor, Jiangnan University


Industrialization and Application of Ultrafine Carbide Ceramic Powder

Changyu Special Pottery/Harbin Institute of Technology

*Subject to change