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The 10th Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy and Injection Molding Forum will be grandly held in No.2 Conference Room, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center on May 23, 2021

400+ industry elites - jointly analyze the development opportunities faced by the MIM industry under new situation

10+ theme reports - share the latest research results and successful practical experience of excellent companies

One forum salon - experts face-to-face answer and discuss solutions to practical problems in enterprise production and scientific research

One industry event in MIM - explore the future development of the MIM industry

Forum special guests

Host guest

Qu Xuanhui, Dean of Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology

Xie Zhipeng, Professor of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Zhong Wei, GM of Shanghai Future High-tech Co Ltd

Zong Huahui, chief engineer of Shanghai Automotive Powder Metallurgy Co Ltd


Keynote speaker

Huang Guan, BASF (China) Co Ltd Electronic Materials Division, Greater China and Global Consumer Electronics Industry Key Account Manager

Topic: BASF’s Road to Innovation - 2021 Blueprint: From Lightweight Materials in Consumer Electronics to New Materials Applied in Automotive Industry


Yan Xiaojun, Application Engineer of Arburg (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Topic: Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM) Case - Dental Implants


Zhou Rongguo, CTO of Ningbo Hiper Vacuum Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Sintering of Titanium and Alloys


Cao Yang, Deputy General Manager of Dongmu New Materials Group Co Ltd

Topic: The development status of China's powder metallurgy parts industry in the post-epidemic period


Qin Mingli Professor, Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Topic: High-performance metal soft magnetic near-net shape manufacturing technology


Luo Jiewen General Manager of Shenzhen SinterZone Technology Co Ltd 

Topic: Study on the efficiency and stability of oxalic acid catalytic degreasing


He Hao, Manager of R&D Department, Hunan Hengji Powder Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Research on M2 High Speed Steel Powder and Its Sintering Behavior


Shu Feilong, Chief Operating Officer of Dongguan Titanium Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Titanium MIM Injection Molding Feeding


Nie Lu, Chief R&D Engineer, Shenzhen Atech Metal Technology Co Ltd

Topic: The revolutionary technology of powder (MIM CIM) injection molding-one-stop process of debinding and sintering under rapid thermal debonding agent


Zhu Jie General Manager, Guangzhou Youyan Powder Material Technology Co Ltd

Topic: The influence of metal injection molding materials, formulations and processes on product properties


Gu Wenjin, Assistant to the Chairman of Xingcheng Powder Metallurgy Co Ltd

Topic: Analysis of Powder Metallurgy (PM) and MIM technology, industry status and development trend


2020 MIM Industry Statistics and 2021 Industry Prospects


Qiu Yaohong Founder and Chief Lecturer of Kunshan Yaode Enterprise Consulting Co Ltd

Topic: The Future of Metal Powder Forming Technology

Forum Information


I. Forum background


As the MIM process application has been further extended, consumer electronics, automobiles, medical equipment and other related industries have grown rapidly, industries have increased demand for high-complexity, high-precision, high-strength, and exquisite-looking customized structural parts. The global MIM market continues to expand and the MIM industry has a huge potential for development.

China’s MIM technology has made significant progress, with the market growing rapidly. It’s a future development trend of the industry technology to expand the applicability of MIM products in more fields through studying material diversification and process complexity, and promoting the performance improvement of MIM products. We live in a time full of opportunities and challenges. How to improve technological innovation capabilities and optimize related links in the MIM industry chain is a topic that companies and insiders focus on.

The 10th Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy and Injection Molding Forum concludes the successful experiences of previous sessions and combines current market focuses and industry status. Professional experts and scholars in the fields of PM and MIM are invited to gather in Shanghai to discuss the future of the industry.


II. Date and Venue


Time: May 23, 2021

Venue: No. 2 Conference room, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center


III. Organizing committee



Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd

Shanghai Federation of Powder Metallurgy Associations


China Powder Metallurgy Alliance

CPMA Professional Committee for Powder Injection Molding

Powder Metallurgy Association of China General Machine Components Industry Association

The Powder Metallurgy Association of China Steel Construction Society

East China Powder Metallurgy Association


IV. Visiting


During the forum, the 14th China International Exhibition For Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics is grandly held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center. The exhibition ensures an integral presence of products in powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics supply chains and it is committed to the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies and high-end products, setting up a quality exchanging and trading platform for insiders from both upstream and downstream.


Maximizing in exhibition and negotiation space with more than 30,000 sqm

One-stop access to over 1,000 Chinese and overseas brands

Demonstration of world-class cutting-edge technologies from a minimum of 550 exhibitors

High effective communication with targeted groups consisted of approximately 30,000 visitors

Presentation of nearly 100 academic reports combining academic and commercial value